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If we are to continue to follow Abba’s plans for this foundation, we must have prayers. Please join us as we pray for Abba’s guidance as we seek His plan for this foundation. Also pray specifically for each of our field ambassadors and the needs expressed on this website.


On-Going Needs
The families and ministries we support have monthly financial needs that allow them to live in the areas they minister and provide for the day-to-day operations of the ministry. These needs consist of personal needs such as housing, transportation, food, clothing, etc. as well as ministry needs such as rent for the building/facility, supplies, education, training for those serving, etc. Please review the people we currently support on a regular basis to see if you might want to contribute to their monthly needs.

People We Support

One-Time Needs
Throughout the course of serving in the mission field, special one-time needs/projects often arise. These needs are above and beyond the typical monthly expenses required to meet the needs of the family and ministries we support. Those serving are encouraged to share with us these needs so that we can inform others who might want to donate to these specific needs. Listed below are the one-time needs/projects we are currently working to fulfill.

Abba’s Ambassadors masanalong

More Ways You Can Contribute

  • Share with Abba’s Ambassadors about those in need
  • Provide encouragement through e-mails/gifts for those serving
  • Provide accommodations for those serving when they visit the United States
  • Share about Abba’s Ambassadors to others that might want to partner with us
  • More: We want this list to offer some ideas of ways people are currently contributing and ways people could contribute in the future in hopes of showing how people can team together through Abba’s Ambassadors. However, in no way is this list complete. We are constantly looking for new ideas to help and serve together. Please Contact Us if there are additional ideas you have and ways you would like to contribute. We look forward to hearing from you!